How to set up a website on WordPress

How to set up a website on WordPress

If you’re considering building a new website for your planetarium, science center, museum, or organization and you want to try your hand at doing it yourself – we are here to help!

The idea of setting up a website yourself can be intimidating and some technical terms can be confusing and even off-putting. We wrote this article to help clear up this confusion and to get you on your way to promoting your organization on the internet with your very own website.

If you’re more hip to tech lingo and don’t need a primer on the basics, go ahead and skip ahead to “How to get your new website started using BlueHost further down this page.

The Basics

Website, Web hosting, Domain name – What are these things and why do I need them?

Let’s start with your Website

Think of your website as your car. I always use this analogy when talking to new clients so they can easily make the connection between a car and what you need when you first buy one; and a website and what you need when you first get one.

You want a new car, if this is your first car purchase, you’re probably not going for a Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean you want a Yugo either. If you think of WordPress as a nice, reliable Honda, you’ll get where I’m going with this.

Web hosting

Once you decide on the car you want, you will need a place to keep your new car. Let’s pretend you live in NYC and you’ll have to pay for monthly parking at a garage. This is what web hosting is. Your website is parked at your web host. Get it?

Domain name (a.k.a.

Now, we want to make sure you and everyone else will be able to find your car. You know that cars have a VIN number. Similarly, a hosted website will have an IP Address. Yes, you can identify your car by it’s VIN number, but who wants to remember that ridiculously long number? No one, that’s who! To make life simple, you get a license plate which is shorter and easier to remember. This is what your domain name is. Think of your domain name as your website’s vanity license plate.

So that’s easy, right? You bought a car that is kept in a garage and is registered with a nice, easy-to-remember license plate.

OK, let’s leave the analogies behind and get to creating your website!

How to get your new website started using BlueHost

What is BlueHost?

BlueHost is a web hosting provider that specializes in and is regarded as one of the best WordPress hosting providers today. Their interface is simple-to-use, even for beginners, and their pricing is extremely competitive. Currently, you will get a free domain name when you sign up for web hosting, making BlueHost a one-stop-shop to manage your new website.

Step-by-step website set-up

1. Vist BlueHost to set-up your new hosting account and pick your domain name.

You’ll have several options for web hosting to choose from based on your needs.

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure what you need, go for the basics, you can always upgrade later.

Once your web hosting plan is selected, you’ll be asked to pick a domain name. Don’t worry if you already have one, just add it to the box on the right.

Pro Tip: Try to keep your domain name simple. Long names and difficult-to-spell words will hinder your audience from remembering your website and getting to you quickly. Make it easy for your audience!

In the last step, you’ll create your account and complete your payment. It’s that easy to get set-up!

2. Log in to your new BlueHost account

If you’re not already logged in, visit and log in.

3. Once-click WordPress install!

4. Select and install a theme (or not)

5. Start writing content!

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